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Flowcrete industrial floors are high-quality, seamless, very durable and resistant and provide concrete substrate excellent protecion against a variety of loads.

They are made of transparent or pigmented synthetic resins with natural or coloured quartz sand. Flowcrete industrial flooring solutions provide many benefits and are designed to perform very well in different types of rooms or areas.

Our industrial floors have high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. Since each industry has different set of typical loads, we individually recommend the most suitable solution for each project. We are aware that incorrectly specified floor can lead to shorter life cycle and extra cost of repairs.

We offer the following industrial resin flooring systems:

  • Peran STB – heavy duty quartz-epoxy flooring system with good chemical resistance
  • Peran SL – self-levelling, smooth and very durable epoxy floor coating
  • Flowshield LXP – a flexible polyurethane floor coating with good chemical resistance
  • Flowseal EPW – a water based, thin-layered, epoxy coating
  • Flowcoat SF41 – a thin-layered, epoxy coating



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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete CEE’s range of industrial resin flooring:

Technical Documents

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Flowcoat SF41 System Buildup Sheets
Flowcoat SK System Buildup Sheets
Flowseal EPW System Buildup Sheets
Flowshield LXP (HD) System Buildup Sheets
Flowshield LXP HD System Buildup Sheets
Peran ESD SL System Buildup Sheets
Peran SL System Buildup Sheets
Peran STB System Buildup Sheets
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